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Space savers, assemble! From the kitchen to the bathroom, the garage and the bedroom, we have tons of storage and organization solutions for every room in your home: shelving, bins and totes, closet systems, clothes racks, storage cabinets, hampers & sorters and more.



Home Storage & Organization Solutions: Ideas and Tips

Canadian Tire’s range of storage furniture and space savers meets your storage needs, fits your budget, is convenient for you to use and helps you declutter your life.

Spark joy by tidying up your closet

These items will help you make the most out of your closet space — no matter if you have a walk-in or a small armoire:

Bathroom storage hacks that'll help you get ready faster

Have a small bathroom? Check out these have storage essentials for organizing your small bathroom:

  • Shower caddies allow you to make the most of limited counter space while keeping all daily supplies within reach.
  • Bathroom cabinet organization applies to your vanity drawers, too. Utilize amenity trays, organizers and dividers inside drawers to keep bathroom products and cosmetics orderly.
  • Don't ignore the power of a good container system. Store your makeup or cotton rounds in see-through containers and glass jars for a more polished and organized approach.
  • No matter the size of your bathroom, you can maximize storage space with a cabinet. If your under-sink area doesn't offer enough storage space, try adding a free-standing unit.

Maximize storage space in your kitchen

Make your space work smarter, not harder with these essentials:

  • Islands and carts provide a little more storage, and you can also opt for a little rolling cart with a butcherblock top for extra prep space.
  • A cabinet is a must-have that keeps all the chaos hidden behind closed doors, while supplying extensive storage space.
  • Keep usable surface space clear by adding some have countertop organization solutions such as spice racks, paper towel holders, cannisters and utensil crocks.
  • Dedicate a draw in the kitchen to random tools and essentials so you always know where to find. have Use drawer organizers so everything has a place.

Laundry room storage solutions to have you looking forward to laundry day

Here, we've highlighted products that will help ease the load:

Organize your tools and reclaim your garage

These durable storage and organization solutions are designed to meet your needs: