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    Find the right gear and equipment you need for an enjoyable outdoor experience.

    Wondering what to bring when camping or hiking? From tents and shelters to cookout grills, sleeping bags and accessories, here are some quick tips on all the essentials you need for the best outdoor adventure.

    Tents & Tarps & Sleeping Bags
    If you plan to go camping the first thing you’ll need is a good tent. What type of tent you need depends on the number of people sharing, type of camping ground (national park or backcountry), and any accessories, such as tarps or add-ons, you may need to combat weather conditions. Of course, buying the perfect tent is one thing, you’ll also need sleeping bags, air mattresses and camp bedding for comfort. When choosing the right sleeping bag, think about size (your height) or by temperature rating, which specify how warm your bag will keep you in certain degrees of temperatures.

    Cookout Essentials & Lounge Gear
    Be prepared for delicious outdoor cookouts with all the essentials you need, from camp stoves and burners to tableware, camp furniture and more. For the ultimate relaxation, while you eat or lounge, add a few portable chairs, a hammock and other outdoor-friendly furniture that give you all the comforts of home while enjoying the great outdoors.

    Other Camping Gear
    Other camp essentials you’ll need to have handy are lanterns, flashlights and headlamps for when the sun goes down. Lanterns can run on kerosene or batteries. And, if you plan on walking or trekking in the dark, a good headlamp can keep you safe at night. Don’t forget portable camp heaters to keep your campsite cozy inside your tent and out.

    Backpacks, Hiking & Apparel
    If you plan on hiking or trekking on paths and trails, consider purchasing a backpack for all your needs and for storing your water bottle. For tough hikes, trekking poles and hiking can be handing to assist your stability in rough terrain or rocky paths. A good set of hiking boots is also a good investment to keep you comfortable throughout your outdoor adventures.

    Camping outdoors can be a great getaway you can enjoy with family and friends. Whether you’re hiking trails, enjoying lake life or just taking in the general splendor of the woods, we’ve got all the camping gear, equipment and essentials you need to make it a great experience.