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Whether you’re into hockey, basketball, football, camping, hunting or fishing, you can play all season long with our equipment and apparel for sports, outdoor recreation and fitness.

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With Canadian Tire, move more, spend less

Working deskbound, long commutes, and life’s demands tend to leave your body at the bottom of the list of priorities. Whether you’re looking to get back in shape, add new challenges to your workouts or pick up a new hobby, Canadian Tire has all the gear to inspire and motivate you.

Game Changer

Sometimes, all you need is a hook. Sports are an ideal way to lose weight while strengthening relationships. Whether it’s with a buddy, a sibling, or a significant other, getting better at an activity together can be exhilarating. It doesn’t have to be the usual suspects like basketball and soccer. Browse through our Team Sport category, and you’ll see how accessible and affordable some sports such as lacrosse and volleyball can be. If you’re more into solo games, our golf section includes equipment that caters to players of all levels. Make sure your kids spend all their energy before bedtime comes with our entertaining Toys and Games category.

Try This At Home

“I don’t have time, the gym’s too far, I’m tired after work.” Instead of making excuses, make your own gym. Creating a home gym is easier and cheaper than you think. A simple resistance band and a few dumbbells from our Fitness & Exercise section is a small investment with high returns. Add a barbell bench and an elliptical or an exercise bike, and you’ll be on your way to your best self yet. Take it slow and never forget to warm up before your workout and cool down after. Ditch the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Shape up with a smile and aim for consistency. If you’re coming back from an injury, speed up the process and grab some of our training recovery products.

Move Outside The Box

If sports or indoor workouts aren’t your thing, then consider going for a hike. Biking, either for fun or during your daily commutes, is a smart way to burn calories. If the weather’s too hot for intense exercise, our boating and water sports section includes exciting and quality goods that will allow you to keep cool as you keep fit. For the full outdoor experience, break away from the urban jungle and plan a camping trip with friends or family. Gazing at a star-filled sky free of light pollution and waking up to fresh air can have a tremendous revitalizing effect on your physical and mental health. Get all the right supplies and accessories, and even the most begrudging camping newbie will thank you for the experience.

You Are How You Move

Movement is food. When you introduce new planes of motions to your body, you feed it nutrients it’s been craving. You’ll be rewarded with energy boosts, better sleep, and reduced stress levels. You don’t necessarily need warm days or a gym to be active. You need something fun. Life’s too short to huff and puff doing an exercise or activity you hate. You won’t know until you try it out. Whether it’s outdoor activities, sports or a short workout after a long workday, all movements are equally valuable. At Canadian Tire, you’ll find all the sporting goods and recreational equipment to push you back into it or keep you from getting bored. Go move!