Get ready for the cold season with all the outdoor power equipment you need to keep your space clean and clear. Consider investing in a snowblower, a log splitter, power generators, and a leaf blower to help make your outdoor jobs a breeze.

    Having a snowblower on hand during the winter season is essential in making snow removal an easy task. Whether you experience heavy or light snow conditions, we have a variety of models that suit your needs.

    Power generators are great to have so you can ensure your household doesn’t experience loss of power during an outage. You can also use one for your outdoor power tools and equipment when you’re not around a power outlet. They come in a wide range of size options, depending on what your power needs are. 

    The easiest way to clean your yard from fallen leaves and debris is with a reliable leaf blower.

    If you love burning firewood in the cold season, a log splitter will make a great addition to your power tool collection and makes it easy to create logs in no time. 

    *Maximum battery voltage without workload; with workload nominal voltage is 43.2V 
    **Maximum battery voltage without workload; with workload normal voltage is 18V.