From outdoor mounted lights to solar lights and patio string lights, outdoor lights are a great way to keep your outdoor areas bright for not only security reasons but aesthetically as well.

    What are the different types of outdoor lights?

    There are different options when it comes to choosing outdoor lights. When determining what kind you need, consider where you plan to put them, and the amount of light needed for that area. Area and Flood lights are great for larger areas and provide extra security where you need it most on driveways or highlight trafficked areas around your home. Solar lights are a great option for pathways or gardens and add ambiance as well as visibility to your walkways. When it comes to your patio area, string lights add a cozy feel around your patio furniture and also add charm while entertaining outdoors.

    Can I use outdoors lights inside?

    You can use outdoor lights indoors. However, usually outdoor lights are crafted and designed to withstand all-weather conditions and might look more rugged that traditional indoor lights. This is due to the fact that they are generally made of noncorrosive material and are able to withstand the rain, wind and snow. They’re also well sealed to keep water from coming in contact with the electric parts inside. Aside from these special features, they use identical bulbs, and use the same amount of power.

    What is the best lighting system for a pathway?

    Garden lights or stake lights are a great option when it comes to pathway lighting. They provide enough brightness at ground level for easy passage during the night. And, because they are solar, they’re an energy efficient source and are easy to move around and place where you need them.