To take your gardening hobby to the next level with a greenhouse, you must choose the type that’s best suited for you.

    While many classify greenhouses according to their shape (gable, flat arch, raised dome, sawtooth, skillion, tunnel...), we prefer to help you narrow down the choices based on your garden needs and on your level of expertise.

    Urban/city living greenhouses are compact: these mini greenhouses are ideal for your balcony, terrace or smaller city garden.
    DIY greenhouses – Our ready-to-assemble greenhouse kits are perfect for those looking to build their own greenhouse without compromising quality.
    Heavy-duty greenhouses are recommended for serious gardening enthusiasts looking for a greenhouse especially designed for greater snow load and high wind areas.

    After you choose your style, select the location. Do you want a home-attached or a detached greenhouse? Either way, remember that all greenhouses need sunlight for plants to grow. Looking to grow transplants or to produce vegetables during the winter? Maximum sunlight is key.