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    Top BBQ & Grill Cooking Accessories

    When prime grilling season hits, be prepared with all the outdoor cooking accessories you need to cook almost anything, for the perfect BBQ meal.

    What accessories do you need for a BBQ?

    Whether you’re a frequent griller or throw things on the grill occasionally, there are a few top BBQ tool essentials you need to help you grill easily, and safely.

    Essential BBQ Tools:

    • BBQ tongs
    • BBQ Spatula
    • Grill Mitts
    • Apron
    • Cooking Paper
    • Thermometer
    • BBQ Brushes & Cleaners
    • Grill Lights

    If you want to expand your range of cooking, these are the top grill accessories that take your outdoor cooking to another level.

    • Grill Pans & Baskets
    • Rotisserie rack
    • Skewers for Kabobs
    • Pizza Stone, Peel & Cutter
    • Stainless steel Pizza Cover (turns your BBQ into a pizza oven)
    • Smoker Box
    • Dutch Oven

    For all your outdoor cooking essentials check out Canadian Tire’s BBQ Tools, Utensils & Cooking Accessories for all your grilling needs.