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How to gear up for baseball


Whether your child is just starting T-ball or moving on up to their first baseball league, here’s what they need to be dressed for success



A Glove

When buying a glove, you first need to determine which hand your child naturally throws with. The glove will go on the opposite hand.

Then you need to consider the size of the glove, which is based on the age of the child. If they’re 6 or under, you’re looking at 9 to 10 inch gloves. Six to 8 year olds will need 10 to 11 and a half inches. Eight to 11 year olds will wear 11 to 12 inch gloves. 



Cleats need to fit comfortably and snugly for optimum performance, so don’t be tempted to buy them bigger than your child’s current size. Also make sure your child is wearing a pair of game socks when he tries them on and get him to move around in all directions, to mimic what’s required during the games.



The front brim of a baseball helmet should sit approximately 1 inch above the eyebrows. And all players under the age of 16 require a chin strap.


Batting Gloves

Batting gloves can also be a smart accessory, to cushion hands and help to avoid calluses. 



Before you choose a bat, check your league regulations to see what’s approved. Your child will have better success practicing with a bat that’s the same size and weight as the one he’ll be using during games.