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How to fit hockey skates


Learn how to get the best fit possible, so you can concentrate on the game.



Find your size

Hockey skates generally fit one to one-and-a-half sizes smaller than shoes, so choose accordingly.


Put on your hockey socks

Make sure you’re wearing your hockey socks, to get the most accurate fit.


Put on the skates and stomp

Get your feet in the hockey skates and kick your heel back within the boots by stomping. You want your heels to feel firmly tucked into the back of the boot and your toes lightly touching the toe of the boot. 


Lace snugly

Carefully tie your laces until they feel snug, but not too tight.


Do the crouch test

Stand up in the skates with your feet shoulder-width apart and crouch until your knees are over your toes. If your toes feel squeezed against the front of the boot in this position, the skates are too small. If you can move your foot around inside the skate, they’re too big. 


Do a comparison test

Even if you find a good fit right away, it’s beneficial to try on a few different brands and models to determine which ones feel the most comfortable and secure to you.