How to fit figure skates


For best performance on the ice, you need figure skates that fit properly. ​



Determine your size

Figure skates are generally sized smaller than shoes by one to one-and-a-half sizes, so choose accordingly.


Wear the socks you will skate in

In order to get a true fit, wear the type of socks that you plan to wear on the ice. Thin socks or tights work better in figure skates than thick socks. 


Loosen the laces

Loosen the laces generously and pull tongue all the way forward.


Insert foot

While seated, slide your foot into the boot and all the way forward without scrunching your toes.


Check the heel

Do a quick size check. If you can easily put a pen into the back of the boot by your heel, the skates are too big. If you can’t insert the pen at all, they’re too small. The pen should fit snugly.


Lace up

Put the tongue in place and lace the skates up firmly, but not too tightly. If there’s a gap between the tongue and the sides of the skates, the boot is too small. If the sides reach right over the tongue, almost touching each other, it’s too big.


Stand and walk

Get up and walk around. If the skates fit properly, you should be able to stand up straight, your heels should stay stationary and your toes should not be touching the end of the boot.