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How to Turn Your BBQ into a Smoker


Your BBQ isn’t just an outdoor appliance – it’s the hub of your backyard. Impress your guests by transforming your BBQ into a smoker. 



Soak wood chips

First, soak your wood chips in water for at least an hour to prepare them for the grill.


Remove cooking grate

While soaking the chips, remove the cooking grate from your gas grill and determine your burner orientation and number of burner zones. Some burners may run from side to side, others from front to back.


Half for food, other half for wood

Once you understand the layout of your grill burners, choose about half of the grill for food and the rest for wood.


Cover burners with foil

With aluminum foil, cover the portion of your burners that are directly below the area for food to catch drippings and prevent flare-ups.


Put pan above heaters for wood

Once soaked, place the wood chips into the pans directly above the burners. Replace the cooking grate over the area that you have chosen for food.


Turn burners to medium

Only turn on the burners directly below the wood chips to medium heat. This will allow the wood chips to heat up and generate smoke without subjecting the food to direct heat.


Close lid and heat to 285° f

Once the grill reaches 285 degrees, quickly open the grill and place the food on the cooking grates over the un-lit side. Then, keep the lid closed to provide great smoke penetration.