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How to protect patio furniture


Patio furniture is an investment that can significantly improve your outdoor space. Make the most out of it by protecting it properly, so it will last you for many years ahead.​



Choose wisely

When you’re picking patio furniture, look for quality features that will stand the test of time. Products with rust-resistant coatings or aluminum frames are a great option. Also look for terms like weather resistant and cushions that can repel stains, water and fading, like the Tripel technology in our CANVAS cushions. 

Another important thing to consider is how much storage space you have, since you will need to bring your furniture indoors during the cold season.


Cover it when not in use

Keep your furniture out of the sun and protected from any weather by covering it when it’s not in use. Look for patio furniture covers that will easily pull on over each piece, including your umbrella. 

Remember to store your cushions in a deck box and cover the frames of your furniture for best results.


Store it off-season

Before the first frost arrives, you need to store your patio furniture indoors until spring. A dry garage or a basement is ideal. Protect the cushions in their own well-sealed storage bags and keep the furniture frames covered.