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How to extend the life of your BBQ


You are the master of your grill. You understand it. You’ve learned the nuances of the way it cooks. It’s part of the family. With the right maintenance, it can last you a long time. ​



Clean the grates before every use

While the grate is still cool, give it a good scrub with a stiff-bristled grill brush. Don’t forget to lean into it and use some elbow grease for best results.


Season the grates

Add some oil to your grates while they’re cool with a saturated piece of paper towel. This will not only stop your food from sticking, but also keep your grates free of excess bits of food.


After cooking, let it be

Avoid the desire to clean the grate right away. Leaving a layer of char between uses can actually help to protect your grill from rust.


Cool and cover

Once your barbecue cools down, cover it up to protect it.


Thoroughly clean the cook box

Before you retire your barbecue for the season, give the cook box a thorough cleaning. If you’re a year-round or heavy user, consider cleaning it a couple of times per year. Using a de-greaser spray and some muscle, scrub the cook box and heat tents. A long-handled venturi tube brush will be an invaluable tool to clean debris from burners. If you are taking the winter off from grilling, grates should be cleaned and stored inside, to protect them from moisture.


Check for any needed repairs

If your barbecue is four or five years old, check your heat tents to see if they’ve rusted. Replace as required. If your flames look broken and uneven or their blue hue has turned to yellow or orange, it’s a good indication that your burners need to be cleaned or replaced. And, if your starter has stopped working, you can replace it with a universal kit. Take care of your barbecue and it will take care of your grilling needs for many years to come.