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How to attract birds


Fine feathered friends add to the beauty of your yard and some even fill the air with song. It’s easier than you think to make them feel welcome.



Choose the right kind of feeder

Different birds are attracted to different feeders. Here’s a quick look at your options.

Cage feeders 
Cage feeders are used for suet and seed cakes rather than straight seed. But keep in mind, suet is best used in the winter, when the weather is cold.

Hopper feeders
In hopper feeders, the seed is entirely enclosed and flows to the bottom. These will attract a wide variety of birds.

Fly-through & platform feeders
If you’re looking for bigger birds, like blue jays, try a fly through or platform feeder. These don’t have sides, making it easy for birds to grab a quick snack.

Tube feeders
Tube feeders come with either large ports, where birds can stick their heads right in to get seed, or tiny holes, which will only attract little birds. Be sure to use seed that will fit easily through the ports.

Hummingbird feeders
Hummingbird feeders provide a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of these quick birds, but be sure to hang them out in spring and summer only.


Buy some seeds

Choose seeds for the birds you want to attract. In general, bigger birds like bigger seeds and smaller birds like smaller seeds.


Give them a water source

Add a bird bath to your yard and keep it clean and filled with fresh water.


Create a backyard sanctuary

Choose plants that draw in the birds you want to attract in your area. Make sure to provide different levels of vegetation, as well.