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How to set a table


Want to throw a dinner party that your guests won’t forget? Let's start with the table and how to set it for a special meal.



Place dinner plate

Start with the dinner plate in the centre of the place setting.


Stack dishes in order of use

Now add a salad plate and a soup bowl, if you are serving soup.


Place forks to left of plate

Let’s break out the silverware, starting with forks to the left of the plate. Place your dinner fork on the inside, followed by your salad fork on the outside.


Place napkin, knife and spoons to right of plate

To the right of the plate, set down a napkin, and add a knife closest to the plate. Place a soupspoon beside it, followed by a teaspoon.


Add glassware and mug

Don’t forget that your guests will need beverages. Place a wine and water glass, along with a mug, in a triangular formation above the plate. Your choice of tablecloth, centerpiece, and napkin can add some personality to the table. Just skip scented candles, so they don’t interfere with the aroma of dinner.