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How to etch a pumpkin


Looking for something a little different this year when it comes to decorating your pumpkins? Why not try etching a design on the outside of a pumpkin? It’s a look that’s easy to achieve and amazing to behold. 



Cut a hole in the pumpkin

Choose a pumpkin that’s sturdy and wide enough fit the image you’re etching. Place the pumpkin on a flat surface safe for cutting. Using a knife, cut a hole on the bottom.


Scoop out the flesh and seeds

Use a spoon or scraper to scoop out all the flesh, pulp and seeds.


Transfer design onto pumpkin

Print out your image and tape it to the surface of your pumpkin. Using a pin, toothpick or rotating pounce wheel, puncture the outlines of your selected image on the pumpkin.


Carve out the design

Now it’s time to etch your sketch. Use pumpkin carving tools to scrape the surface of the pumpkin gently until you reach the desired depth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure and cut through the pumpkin!


Petroleum jelly can keep your pumpkin looking fresh

When you’re finished, coat the carving with a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly. It will keep your pumpkin from browning prematurely.


Add some light

Put a string of lights inside a jar and place your pumpkin over the jar.