Pet Care

Whether you have a dog, cat or wild bird, they’re part of the family, and we’ve got all the pet supplies you need to keep them healthy, happy and active.
We make it easy for you to make your pets happy.

Your pets don’t just keep you company. They bring you joy, especially when you need it the most. But whether you just adopted a little puppy or your senior cat has made their way on your family pictures, they all have their unique personalities with their own likes and dislikes, from food to toys to their preferred type of bed to rest on.

Wide Food Selection for your Pet’s Delectation

Eating a variety of nutrients and different protein sources is the most important thing for humans to stay healthy, and that goes for your pets as well. We offer a wide selection of wet and dry food for all types of cats and dogs, tailored to their age, lifestyle and diet. To make sure you find exactly what is best for your pet, we also provide grain-free, Non-GMO and high protein options.

Plus, if you’ve got a wild bird, our Bird Seeds & Feeds category features a variety of premium bird seeds, hummingbird nectar, and high-energy suet.  

Who Let The Toys Out?
When the weather gets chilly, toys can sometimes become your pet’s only form of entertainment and physical activity. It makes them happy and keeps them healthy. Whether your pet wants to tug, chew, bite, climb or chase after something, we’ve got it. Our Cat Toys and Dog Toys categories are filled with every type of toy to keep your pet entertained and coming back for more, from catnip-infused toys and cat tunnels to ball launchers and chew toys.  
Man’s Other Best Friend
Sure, your dog or cat can be your best friend, but if hair shedding occurs daily and making messes is just part of who they are, then a vacuum optimized for pet hair will truly become your second-best friend. You’ll find a variety of top-rated vacuums, including upright and handheld, designed to erase any pet mess on any type of flooring and furniture.

Canadian Tire is your one-stop source for everything you need to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy.