Find everything you need to banish stains, streaks, dirt, dust and more with the smart cleaning solutions and laundry products to keep your home and items fresh and clean.


Having a good vacuum to suit your space is one of the best household cleaning purchases you can make. If you’re looking for the best vacuum for everyday use around your home, an upright vacuum is a great choice if you have a larger home, while stick vacuums are convenient for small spaces. These vacuums are easy to use and often have high suction so they can easily help you eliminate dust, pet hair and other pollutants. If you have allergies and your home is hard to keep up with once-or-twice a week vacuuming, consider a robot vacuum. These small robotic marvels are a great hands-free way to clear dust and dirt without lifting a finger. You can set them and control them with an app and they will scan your floor areas, cleaning everything in their path even when you’re not home. For small and targeted areas, handheld vacuums are perfect for quick messes or in hard-to- reach areas.


Whether you’re moving into a new space or looking to replace some old cleaning tools and supplies, we’ve got all the essentials you need to include in your cleaning cupboard—from mops and buckets to carpet cleaners, brooms and sweepers and more.

For tiles, laminate or hardwood floors, a good mop and bucket or wet/dry vacuums are great for giving your floors a deep clean. Don’t forget to add a great supply of sponges and a good pair of cleaning gloves, which are essential for cleaning countertops, tables and more hard-reach-spaces. Other tools and items to consider drain openers and plungers, UV light sanitizers, and garbage, compost and recycling bins.


When it comes to buying cleaning solutions, making a list of rooms that need targeted cleaning will help you determine what cleaning agents are best. From general purpose cleaning sprays to floor & carpet care to kitchen and bathroom cleaners, we’ve got a wide selection that are suited to the task. Be sure to add disinfecting cleaners and sprays that help rid your surfaces of bacteria and viruses that may cause illness.


For all your personal, dish cleaning and laundry needs, we’ve got a wide variety of items to choose from including liquid, foam and pod varieties from top brands. Having hand soap and hand sanitizer in kitchens and bathrooms is a great way to ensure you, or members of your household, keep hands clean on a regular basis. And don’t forget to stock on paper towels and toilet paper so you never run out. 


From general cleaning solutions to dish and laundry soap to vacuums, brooms and sweepers, keep your home sparkling from top to bottom with all the essential items you need from Canadian Tire.