Top Christmas Tree Trends for the Season

Make a statement this holiday season with artificial Christmas Trees that bring the magic and joy of the season to your home. Nothing says holiday décor more than a beautiful tree. Whether you go bold with pre-lit trees that are pre-programmed with light shows or small with space-saving slim trees or trendy with coloured trees that come in blue, pink and more, a tree instantly brings a warm holiday vibe.

Christmas Trees that Light Things Up

If you have space in your home for a full-size Christmas tree, pre-lit trees are the way to go. We’ve got a wide selection of large trees from 6-ft to 12-ft in height. Looking to make a statement? If you don’t want ordinary, add a tree that has light options like our NOMA pre-lit colour changing trees. Or take things a step further and with our spectacular NOMA Advanced Aurora Music & Light Show Christmas tree, that comes pre-programmed with light and musical shows that is sure to wow a crowd.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Flocked Christmas Trees have become one of the most popular choices for the holiday season. If you’re going for a different look, there’s no better tree to capture the essence of a snowy winter wonderland than with a white flocked tree. Flocked trees are pre-coloured with a white, glistening appearance on their branches to mimic the look of snow. Also known as frosted trees, these stunning trees can be left alone to bring a woodsy, outdoor vibe to your décor or can be dressed up with glowing lights and ornaments to make it extra festive.

Make the Season Pop

If you’re looking to mix things up and let your colourful side shine, adding a colourful tree adds a fun twist to your Christmas decor. Canadian Tire has a great selection in bold blues, pinks and more. How do you decorate colourful Christmas trees? You can let their colour take centre stage and leave them as is and add warm white lights to make them shine. Or, if you prefer to add decorations, try choosing a colour palette that complements the colour of your tree along with whites and metallic ornaments to make it pop.

Trees for Small Spaces

For those with small spaces adding pencil Christmas trees, slim Christmas trees with lights, can be the perfect way to keep up holiday traditions without overwhelming your space. We offer a variety of small size trees that are perfect for small condo spaces or small rooms in your home that also come with pre-lit lights to make decorating easy.

Whatever your style or the size of your space, add extra flair to you holiday decor with a bold and trendy Christmas tree to add holiday pizzazz to your home. Canadian Tire’s Christmas tree selection includes a wide variety of trendy styles to suit all your decor and accessories needs and more.