The Home Edit

The Home Edit provides you with space-saving products to help you organize anything with impeccable style.
    Tips and Tricks from The Home Edit:

    1. If you are new to organizing, start small...and we mean it. The biggest mistake is getting too ambitious without the right tools--it will just leave you overwhelmed. A single drawer is the best jumping-off point because it's manageable and will give you your first big win. It's all about staying motivated. Start with a smaller project, then take the confidence and knowledge you gain from that and apply it to a slightly larger project. 

    2. Editing is a crucial part of our methodology that allows you to fully access the space and the items it needs to accommodate. The first step is to remove everything from the space (and we mean everything). From there, group the items by category and pare them down to only the items you want or need, and purge the rest. With a pared-down supply, it's easier to decide on a functional system that fits the space and your specific lifestyle.

    3. The easiest way to maintain a space is by following the system on a daily basis. If you’ve done it right, you should have a system that works not only for the size of your space and amount of things but the function of that particular space. This means that any upkeep should be minimal and as simple as putting things back where they belong, or what we sometimes refer to as a “mini-edit” every few weeks.